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All About Bleeding
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Personal Stories

Pete Dyson

In early 2001, as a college freshman, Pete Dyson was introduced to CSL Behring's Gettin’ in the GameSM program. A life-long sports enthusiast, who was diagnosed with hemophilia B (factor IX deficiency) as a baby, Pete was immediately hooked.

"There's a special connection between members of the bleeding disorders community and I instantly felt that CSL Behring really understood that," Pete said. "Gettin' in the Game encourages kids to remain active despite the challenges a bleeding disorder can pose, but most importantly it provides an opportunity for members of the community to interact with others who face similar challenges."

More than a decade later, despite a jam-packed schedule that includes teaching eighth grade English, coaching high school basketball, and raising an infant son, Pete continues to partner with CSL Behring to inspire kids by sharing his story.

"When I was growing up the only other person I knew who had a bleeding disorder was my grandfather," Pete said. "It was great having him around to bounce ideas off of and to learn from his experiences in managing hemophilia. While I was fortunate to be able to share experiences with my grandfather, there were no other kids I knew who had a bleeding disorder. This was hard for me and especially for my mom."

"What helped draw me to CSL Behring is that the company has a longstanding commitment to the bleeding disorders community and offers an array of supportive services that allow kids and their families to foster connections – which I like being a part of and find very fulfilling," Pete added.

CSL Behring's commitment to the bleeding disorders community is also evidenced in its My Source, My Access, Common Factors and Gettin' in the Game Junior National Championship programs. These programs aim to make managing a bleeding disorder easier for patients and their families.

"A focus on patients is not something that you see from every company servicing the hemophilia community," Pete said. "I commend CSL Behring's loyalty and commitment to the bleeding disorders community and, more than a decade after being introduced to the company, am proud to continue to share my story with families."

Condition: Hemophilia B
Country: United States
Pete Dyson
"I commend CSL Behring’s loyalty and commitment to the bleeding disorders community."

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