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All About Bleeding
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Personal Stories

Jesse Schrader

Jesse Schrader was born with elite athletic ability and a passion for baseball, especially pitching. Armed with a 92-mph fastball, the left-hander set the all-time record for strikeouts at his high school, earning a scholarship to college, where he excelled and ultimately played professional baseball with a team in an independent league.

Jesse was also born with hemophilia A, a hereditary bleeding disorder that primarily affects males, causing them to have more frequent and more severe bleeding. Hemophilia A is the most common type of hemophilia. When injured, a person with hemophilia will typically bleed longer than a person without the disorder.

"I remember in high school I threw a no-hitter the first game of the season and the next day could barely walk due to a painful hip bleed," Jesse said. "At that point, I could have given up on my dream of playing professional baseball, but instead I learned how to properly manage my condition and take care of my body so that I could keep on pitching."

Jesse’s hard work and determination led him to pack up his car and drive more than 1,000 miles to attend a professional baseball tryout in Florida (US). There, he competed against hundreds of ballplayers who were also trying to realize their own dreams of playing pro ball. Jesse was one of the first players selected.

"I remember being drafted like it was yesterday," he said. "I couldn’t wait to call my parents and tell them the news, as they always encouraged me to pursue my goals."

During Jesse’s first professional season, the team played around 90 games in 100 days. Jesse says he had to remain vigilant about managing his condition and taking care of his body to keep up with the grind of competing nearly every day.

"I would infuse with Helixate® FS before each game I was scheduled to pitch and apply ice to my arm after every outing," Jesse said. "I also had to remain mentally strong to focus on my pitching and not my hemophilia."

Nowadays, Jesse remains active by regularly playing baseball and golf. He also serves as a mentor to kids who are managing a bleeding disorder, partnering with CSL Behring and professional golfer Perry Parker to bring the Gettin’ in the GameSM Junior National Championship (JNC) to cities across the US.

The JNC is a series of baseball and golf competitions that allow families to connect and share experiences with other members of the bleeding disorders community while teaching kids the importance of remaining active to keep muscles healthy and joints strong.

"The JNC helps give participants the confidence and self-esteem they need when facing the challenges of living with a bleeding disorder," Jesse said. "It’s important for the kids to know that if they follow their dreams and work hard they can achieve their goals in sports and life."


Condition: Hemophilia A
Therapy: Helixate® FS (Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant)
Country: United States
Jesse Schrader
"It’s important for the kids to know that if they follow their dreams and work hard they can achieve their goals in sports and life."

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