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All About Bleeding
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Personal Stories

Gonzalo Perez Sanchez

Like many adults in their mid-20s, Gonzalo Pérez Sánchez enjoys watching television, listening to music, reading and spending time with his friends. However unlike most of his peers, Gonzalo has to manage a life-threatening bleeding disorder.

Growing up in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, Gonzalo experienced a severe bleeding episode on his left knee while he was a year old. After this bleeding event he was diagnosed with Hemophilia A. Hemophilia A, also known as factor VIII deficiency or classical hemophilia, primarily affects males and is one of the most common types of bleeding disorders.

The disorder, in which one of the proteins needed to form blood clots is missing or reduced, is inherited and can be life-threatening if not managed properly. When a person with hemophilia is injured, he runs the risk of bleeding longer than a person without the disorder.

As a child Gonzalo's bleeding episodes would be treated at the hospital with a frozen plasma product from the blood bank. Because this product doesn't undergo a rigorous viral inactivation process, Gonzalo was apprehensive whenever he needed treatment.

"However, now that I have the opportunity to use Beriate P from CSL Behring, I can live with the peace of mind that comes with knowing I am using a safe and effective therapy in treating my hemophilia," Gonzalo said.

Whenever Gonzalo experiences a bleeding episode, he self-administers Beriate P. This product replaces the missing factor VIII in Gonzalo's blood, helping it to clot.

"My life has changed for the better thanks to Beriate P," Gonzalo said. "Being able to self-infuse the product makes it much easier to treat different hemorrhagic events."

Gonzalo also says using Beriate P to manage his condition has enabled him to have the confidence to walk up steps and to move around without the support of a cane.

"In the past, my life passed by in my house," Gonzalo said. "But now, thanks to the treatment, I have a normal life and I have a job. Hopefully, I can someday operate a business of my own."

Condition: Hemophilia A
Therapy: Beriate P® (Coagulation factor VIII)
Country: Mexico
Gonzalo Perez Sanchez
"In the past my life passed by in my house. But now, thanks to the treatment, I have a normal life."

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