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All About Bleeding
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Personal Stories

Jens Burk

Like his father before him, Jens Burk spends his days working at CSL Behring’s manufacturing facility in Marburg, Germany. Jens is an engineering work planner who knows first-hand the importance of his daily efforts. That’s because he has been managing a bleeding disorder throughout his life.

As a child, Jens frequently experienced bruises and bleeding in his joints. During this time he was diagnosed with hemophilia A or classical hemophilia. This disorder primarily affects males and is the most common type of hemophilia.

Hemophilia A is caused by a deficiency of clotting factor VIII (FVIII). Not having enough FVIII means that blood might not clot properly when there is bleeding, such as after an injury or during a dental procedure.

"My mom and dad were always there for me and helped educate me about hemophilia," Jens said. "Despite my condition, they were not overprotective and I really appreciate that they allowed me to lead a normal life."

Since early childhood, Jens has been treating his condition with FVIII replacement therapy. Currently, he manages the disorder by self-infusing Helixate® NexGen three times per week.

Helixate NexGen is a recombinant factor VIII product that increases the level of FVIII in the blood.

"This treatment is easy, convenient and part of my routine," Jens said. "Using a therapy that my company provides gives me a feeling of pride, trust and security."

When not at work, Jens remains active. He enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and playing games on his computer.

"By managing my condition I can lead a normal life, I just have to make sure I make time for my infusions and remain thoughtful with my activities," Jens said. "Just like my father, I am proud of CSL Behring and our life-saving therapies."

Condition: Hemophilia A
Therapy: Helixate® NexGen (Recombinant Coagulation Factor VII
Country: Germany
Jens Burk
"Using a therapy that my company provides gives me a feeling of pride, trust and security."

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