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All About Bleeding

Understanding Coagulation

Signs of Bleeding

If you are a health care professional who does not work with bleeding

disorders every day, use this site to quickly recognize five signs of bleeding that may indicate a coagulation disorder.
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In order to understand the nature of bleeding disorders, it is first important to understand the physiological process of blood coagulation, or the coagulation cascade.

Hemostasis, a vital function of the human body, requires complex coordinated interaction between endothelial cells, platelets, coagulation factors and other plasma proteins. It leads to well-ordered activation and degradation of blood clotting factors, to retain the integrity of the blood vessel system and promote healing.

The coagulation cascade has been described as taking place in four overlapping key phases: initiation, amplification, propagation and stabilization.


Move your mouse over the cascade to interact and learn more about coagulation factors. (Adobe Flash is required.)

Last Updated: 10/10/2016 9:35 AM
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