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All About Bleeding

CSL Behring Professor Heimburger Award

Award Information

Award Winners
  • For inquiries regarding applications, policy and procedures information, please contact:
CSL Behring GmbH
Att. Dieter Pluennecke
Commercial Development Coagulation
Emil-von-Behring-Strasse 76
35041 Marburg
T: +49 6421 394191
e-mail: heimburger.award@cslbehring.com

Research Efforts

CSL Behring is committed to the future research and development of coagulation therapies.

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Professor Heimburger

Prof. Dr. Norbert Heimburger, a CSL Behring employee for over three decades, devoted his work to blood coagulation. During that time, he characterized and purified a large number of plasma proteins and was instrumental in making these available to the medical community as therapeutic options. One of his major contributions in this area was the development of virus-safe plasma products based on pasteurization (heating in solution to 60°C for 10 hours).

Due to his determination and constant interaction with leading hemophilia and coagulation specialists, Behring launched the first effectively virus-inactivated factor VIII concentrate in 1981. In 1991, Prof. Dr. Heimburger was honored with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. He retired the same year but was still very much involved with CSL Behring as a Scientific Advisor until his death in September 2006.

CSL Behring awards an annual research grant — the CSL Behring Professor Heimburger Award — to young investigators in the field of coagulation, who hold an MD and who wish to establish their own independent research project in the field of coagulation.

CSL Behring Professor Heimburger Award Winners

CSL Behring at WFH 2016: Honoring the Award Winners (video)

  • Antonino Cannavò, M.D.
    Angelo Bianchi Bonomi Hemophilia and Thrombosis Centre, Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico (Italy)
    Proposal: The role of non-neutralizing antibodies directed against factor VIII in hemophilia A patients enrolled in the SIPPET study
  • Christopher Ng, M.D.
    University of Colorado Denver, University of Colorado Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (U.S.)
    Proposal: Multi-system evaluation of von Willebrand factor, function in Type 1 von Willebrand disease mutations
  • Alessandro Casini, M.D.
    University Hospitals of Geneva, Unit of Angiology and Haemostasis (Switzerland)
    Proposal: Fibrin clot structure to assess phenotype in patients with congenital dysfibrinogenemia
  • Johan Boender, M.D.
    Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (Netherlands)
    Proposal: WUB-Kids: a prospective study of children with moderate and severe von Willebrand disease
  • Michiel Coppens, M.D.
    Academisch Medisch Centrum (Netherlands)
    Proposal: Biomarkers to detect subclinical arthropathy and predict long-term clinical arthropathy in patients with hemophilia


2015 awards  2015 awards video

  • Ashwini Bennett, M.D., Hematology Department, Monash Health (Australia)
  • Bryce Andrew Kerlin, M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics, The Ohio State University College of Medicine (U.S.)
  • Jenny Klintman, M.D., Skane University Hospital, Clinical Collaboration Research Unit Lund University (Sweden)
  • Tesse Leunissen, M.D., University Medical Centre Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • Michelle Sonneveld, M.D., Erasmus University Medical Center (Netherlands)

Last Updated: 10/13/2016 4:02 PM
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