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All About Bleeding

Other Therapies

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Factor Products

Coagulation therapy is the foundation of CSL Behring’s broad range of therapies.

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Other coagulation therapies include:

Plasma-derived substitution therapy
Producing plasma-derived products is a unique process in which several therapies are created from a single starting material — human plasma from highly motivated and selected donors. Plasma-derived proteins replace missing components in the blood to help individuals with bleeding disorders lead long, healthy lives.

Recombinant substitution therapy
Recombinant therapy is a type of product that involves cultures of animal cells that have been programmed to produce the coagulation factor by insertion of the human gene for that particular coagulation factor into the genome (DNA material) of the cell. The coagulation factor is harvested from the medium in which the cell culture grows.

Immune tolerance therapy (ITT)
About 25% to 30% of hemophilia A patients develop inhibitory antibodies (inhibitors) toward the substituted factor VIII (FVIII). ITT covers different specialized treatment regimens of repeated, sustained administration of FVIII aiming at eliminating such inhibitory antibodies against FVIII. When successful, the patient will be tolerant to FVIII substitution and prophylaxis or on-demand therapy can be reinstituted.

Last Updated: 11/5/2012 12:17 AM
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