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All About Bleeding

Access to Care

CSL Behring Congratulates World Federation of Hemophilia on 50th Anniversary

  50th annniversary wish from World Hemophilia Day sponsor CSL Behring.

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CSL Behring Continues to Donate Factor Product to WFH GAP Program

Initiates first "installment" of renewed 3-year commitment to WFH to donate coagulation factor to the WFH Global Alliance for Progress program.

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CSL Behring & Therapies

Coagulation therapy is the foundation of CSL Behring’s broad range of therapies.

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CSL Behring demonstrates its commitment to patients with bleeding disorders and their families in many ways. In addition to our direct financial support to the World Federation of Hemophilia (WHF), our sponsorships also include:

  • The GAP (Global Alliance for Progress) program, which actively works with health authorities in the developing world to make factor concentrates available to hemophilia patients

  • Blood-clotting medicine (factor) for patients present at the WFH annual meetings

Following are some other programs through which CSL Behring works to help improve the lives of patients with bleeding disorders:

The Global Alliance for Progress (GAP)

The World Federation of Hemophilia launched its GAP project to improve treatment and build national hemophilia programs in up to 30 countries over 10 years. GAP primarily aims to increase the overall number of patients diagnosed by 50,000 worldwide. Since its inception in 2003, 41,395 new patients have been diagnosed with bleeding disorders globally, 31,189 of them with hemophilia. Learn more at the GAP Web site.

Project SHARE

Project SHARE is a program devoted solely to donating factor to the bleeding disorder community in developing countries. Recipients are patients, doctors, clinics and hospitals in countries where factor is scarce or unavailable. Learn more at the Project SHARE Web site.

Last Updated: 4/5/2013 4:21 PM
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